Discover a collaborative hub dedicated to nurturing creativity, empowering students, and igniting groundbreaking ideas. Together, let’s redefine possibilities and drive positive change in the world.”

Innovation Workshops, Industry Talks and Seminars

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Hackathons, Idea-a-thons and Project Showcases

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Social Networking Initiatives and Mentorship Programs

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About KSRCT-Idealab

An Envision of a Brighter Future Through Transformative Innovations

Welcome to the Idea Lab at K S Rangasamy College of Technology—an innovative hub igniting creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. With advanced resources and expert guidance, we empower students to explore their imaginative potential, conceive groundbreaking solutions, and shape the future. Our dynamic ecosystem fosters collaboration, offering a platform for students to refine their ideas, build prototypes, and develop viable ventures. Join us on this transformative journey, where ideas come to life and entrepreneurs flourish.

Services Provided

Seed Fund


Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, collaborative workspaces, and advanced technology, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and creative exploration.

Design Wing
Electronics Wing
Mechanical Wing
Machine Wing
Special Machines Wing
Start-up Wing
The Process Flow – IdeaLab

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Faculty Development Programs

Igniting Excellence in Teaching: Faculty Development for Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Professional Skilling Programmes

Skill Up, Rise Above: Thriving in a Competitive World

Skilling Programmes

Skills for Tomorrow: Embrace Innovation Today.

Annual Conferences

Inspiring Excellence: AICTE Idealab Annual Innovation Showcase

Ideation Workshops

Where Ideas Take Flight: Ideation Workshops for Inspired Thinkers

Awareness workshops

Fueling Curiosity, Igniting Innovation: Register for our Awareness Workshops.

Need Support in Ideation & Development?

Our expert mentors offer hands-on guidance to refine your innovative projects. From idea to reality, our collaborative approach ensures success. Connect with us for a lasting impact in the world of innovation.

Be Part of Our Network!

Join our thriving network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative minds. Collaborate, share ideas, and shape the future of innovation. Together, we foster continuous learning, support, and inspiration, propelling ideas to new heights. Embrace connections, unlock opportunities, and make a meaningful impact within our vibrant community